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Can Zerto migrate from Azure to VMware & VMware to



    Can Zerto migrate VMs from Azure to VMware as well as from VMware to Azure? We may need to move our VMware VMs into Azure and also from Azure to our VMware environment. Just wondering if Zerto has that capability


    Yes. Zerto products can migrate VM from Azure to a VMware environment.

    For the details about this scenario, please kindly refer to Chapter 5 and Chapter 13 of “Zerto Virtual Manager Administration Guide – Microsoft Azure Environment”:


    More technical documents can be found at https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/technical-documentation/

    Thank you.

    how is this done, I mean backup and restore or replication method

    Hi Suraj,

    Thank you for your reply.

    In current Zerto components, strictly speaking, there isn’t a backup feature.

    A comparable one could be long-term retention, but it’s different from the backup concept of general meaning.

    “Restore” isn’t a concept in Zerto scope. A similar one in Zerto scope could be failover or recovery.

    The replication by Zerto components is the continuous data delivery from the source site to the target site of each VPG.

    These concepts are explained in the ZVM administration guide of our previous reply.

    If you want to have further suggestions, we recommend you contact the Zerto account manager and solution engineer for your organization.

    Thank you.

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