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Can zerto exclude file or path during replication

  • Dear all


    i want to know can zerto exclude file or path during replication for linux vm ?

    for example i have a linux vm now i want replicate this vm but don’t want replicate this path :


    can do it?

    Babak, I want to add on to and clarify what you said in your most recent post stating, “but in zerto we can not check replicated machine in DRsite and have to do failover.”

    This is not true. As I mentioned earlier, you can perform the “Failover Test” option to run a test VM on the DR site, while still maintaining the production/protected VM (and continuous replication) at the source/prod site (i.e., you don’t have to perform a Live Failover to perform this check). This has many benefits including no need to have replica VMs running on your remote site taking up resources or expense until needed. VMs are converted (if you are crossing hypervisors or clouds) on the fly, meaning you really only need to wait for the VM to boot and your post-scripts to run if you have any.


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    is that your means we can test replicated machine health on DR site without stop or power off source machine on product site?



    Yes if you are on isolated bubble on DR site. no connectivity to prod side. you can control this via Firewalls on your DR site

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