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Can zerto cause VM performance issues?

  • I am being told some of our third party engineers that all of our Virtual Machines are running slower than normal and the possible cause is due to the fact that I just recently installed Zerto. I am not able to replicate their tests and everything looks good on my end. Is it possible for Zerto to cause VM performance issues but the VMs not show signs of the issues in the status monitors, task manager, or VM performance tabs?

    Hey Daniel,

    Zerto, in itself, will not have an effect on your VMs. This is because Zerto captures change data while it is still in the memory of the ESX host on its way to a datastore… so we operate in memory. The only time this is not the case is when we are doing an initial sync or a delta sync. During these two operations, we are reading blocks of data from your datastore, which will place additional read IOPS on those datastores.

    Zerto does, however, monitor datastore latency and will slow itself down if latency goes over 40ms (by default, but can be changed).

    Does that help?

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