Can Zerto and SRM run Side by Side?

  • Can Zerto and SRM run Side by Side?  We have a customer switching from SRM to Zerto replication but will need to run concurrently while Zerto completes replication and testing is performed.

    ALL Zerto SRM Professionals out there, Can they run simultaneously as we cutover from SRM to Zerto?

    If using Array based Replication then the Datastores are Replicating at the LUN Level in sync with SRM & vCenter; the Zerto VRA Appliance is doing CDP Journaling of each selected VM rather than at the storage level therefore they should be able to coexist; of course if either is used for failover it will impact the pther BUT the GOAL is to maintain DR Protection while changing out DR strategy. WILL THIS WORK?

    If YES then what if we are using SRM with SRA, SRA is still Datastore Level while Zerto is VM level – WILL THIS WORK?

    Please respond asap, Nick Sinish or






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