Can We Limit Alert Percentages?

  • We turned on e-mail alerts and we get a lot of messages that say “VPGNAME exceeds configured RPO of 15 minutes by more than 25%”.  Is there any way to limit the value so we don’t get messages that are below 50%?  This problem always self corrects before we can even do anything about it so a higher number would be more effective.

    Hi Al,

    I am asking for a more recent update, but last I heard there is no mechanism that allows you to skip the alerts calculation in the ZVM, or to prevent showing them in the GUI.

    However, a possible workaround could be the implementation of a simple script that could run periodically and use the ZVM RESTful APIs. Utilizing the Alerts API that allows you to get all alerts from specific ZVM/VPG, then dismiss them could do the trick.

    I’ll update you if I hear differently

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