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Can VRA be storage vmotioned?

  • I have a datastore that I am trying to free up to discard and reuse for another purpose but I noticed there was a VRA on it. Can this be storage vmotioned off into another datastore (that does not contain an existing VRA) without issues?

    I did see the article of storage vmotion of multiple VRAs to the same datastore:

    but no mention of it to a datastore that does not contain any existing VRAs, so I assume the operation is safe, that is no need to rebuild or regenerate the VRA?


    Are you referencing to VRAs on the protected site or on the DR site? If you are on the protected site, you should be able to simply right-click on the VRA and storage vMotion it to the new datastore.

    If you are the DR site (recovery site), are you looking to move only the VRA primary disks or all disks (including) the replicated VMs?

    Yes, it is the VRA for a protected host and not the replicated one.

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