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Bitmap sync end time?

  • Hi guys

    is there a way to know/find out when a bitmap sync finish? I have this customer who has some Bitmap Sync during the night which take about 1 to almost 3 hours – I know there is something else going  on – but while they increase link speed to at least 500MB they want to know is there is a way to find at what specific time a Bitmap Sync finishes


    I’ve check and there is no event about that os any other way to find out?



    This is Vladimir M with Zerto Support.

    Next to the VPG’s name, there is a ETA on when the bitmap sync will complete. Besides that, there is no other indication within the ZVM GUI on how long the sync took. We’ll need to collect logs on the certain VPG to get more detail.

    thanks Vladimir, BTW this was a fast answer looks like no need to open a ticket I wanted to test here first cool

    yeah there is a ETA but you need to be in front of your PC


    thanks I will inform my customer


    You are very welcome 🙂


    Is the VPG also out of RPO when the bitmap sync is running? If so, you can utilize the VPG Performance report in ZVM (about 24 hour of history, with minutes granularity) or from Zerto Analytics (longer history, but granularity is by hours) to approximate when the bitmap completes and is back in RPO.

    no RPO elavates and SLA is not met… yes there is something else going and I think is more bandwidth is needed but customer wanted to know is there was a log indicating when Bitmap Sync was done

    that would be an improvement in the interface to log those king of events since for some Real Failover sometimes customers want to know when Delta sync was done to go back but there is not way to get that data as well


    guys I found the way to get start/end time for bitmap sync…. Zerto Analytics Rocks just take a look


    Hi Connie / Carlos,

    Zerto Analytics can also support minutes granularity. You just need to Zoom-in (mark your mouse and click the area on the graph you would like to zoom-in to)


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