Bitmap sync and LTR

  • I understand that bitmap syncs can occur when VRAs can’t send data quickly enough to the replication site.  Does this also apply to VRAs that are sending data for backups to NFS storage and are both DR VPGs as well as LTR VPGs impacted by a bitmap sync?

    Specifically, if an LTR job is running and the VRA can’t write the data quickly enough, would this cause a bitmap sync?  If yes, will the LTR job restart after the bitmap sync completes (assuming it’s within the timeout window for LTR) or will it just fail?

    We are noticing that a single VPG on a VRA are impact other VPGs on the VRA, when this occurs we are not able to evacuate the offending VPG.  Is there a workaround for this???

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