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Backing up VRA or ZVM?

  • For backing up our infrastructure we utilize Netbackup.  To recover Zerto properly, do we need to backup the ZVM and VRAs?  I’m guessing the ZVM but not positive about the VRA.

    Hello Adam,

    Contara from Zerto Support.

    We don’t recommend backing up VRA because VRA data always changing constantly.

    Please see the below documentation on protecting your ZVM


    Thank you.



    Hi Contara,

    Thank you for the reply.  What is being stored on the VRA, just curious because I have six deployed and five are 13GB provisioned but one is 500GB provisioned and double the space used of the others.  If we lose the VRA do we lose all of the changes to the protection groups over time?




    On the Recovery VRA, you will see Journal History and recovery vmdks attach to the Recovery VRA.   That is how VRA replication the data between each other.

    When the VRAs are down, the replication will stop.  You will see the VPG status error message.

    Thank you.

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