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Azure ZCA 7.5

  • I have two questions –
    1. Is there going to be a published release date for Azure ZCA 7.5 upgrade?
    2. What will be the impact of the upgrade for protected workloads using unmanaged disks (does Zerto handle the conversion – or does it need to re-seed to managed disks) – that is do I need to prep anything in addition to what I would do for any other upgrade?

    Hello, Atir from Zerto here.

    1. Currently, there is no ETA for release only the 7.5U2 early adapters version that is available.
    2. From 7.5, Zerto only supports the creation of managed disks upon recovery operations. The 7.5 Azure Platform Update does not support Unmanaged Disks.  Customers operating on the 7.0 environment with VMs being replicated from Azure Unmanaged Disk into on-prem will be prevented from upgrading to 7.5. (I don’t know of any conversion possible by zerto for the unmanaged disks)

      <u><b>Managed disk types are:</b></u>
      <b>1)Standard HDD:</b>
      Standard HDD Disks store the data on Hard Disk Drivers (HDD).
      Delivers reliable, low- cost disk support for virtual machines.

      <b>2)Standard SSD:</b>
      Standard SSD Disks, are low-cost SSD offerings, which are optimized for workloads requiring consistent latency.
      Standard SSD Disks deliver lower latency compared to Standard HDDs while improving reliability and scalability for applications.

      <b>3)Premium SSD:</b>
      Premium SSD Disks delivers high-performance Solid State Drive (SSD), which are based Storage designed to support I/O intensive workloads with significantly high throughput and low latency for virtual machines.

      To Azure:
      Support creating VMs in Azure with respect to managed volume storage account types.
      Azure managed disk storage types:
      <b>1)</b><b>Managed Standard HDD</b>
      <b>2)</b><b>Managed Premium SSD</b>
      <b>3)</b><b>Managed Standard SSD</b>

      From Azure:
      Since 7.5, the reflection collection contains all the VMs on the site.
      We collect all storage accounts, VMs, disks etc.. in the costumer’s region.
      For each disk which is now collected, the disk storage types are:
      <b>Unmanaged disks</b>:
      <b>1) Azure Unmanaged Standard HDD</b>
      <b>2)  Azure Unmanaged Premium HDD</b>

      <b> Managed disks</b>:
      <b>1) Azure Managed Standard HDD
      2) Azure Managed Standard SSD
      3) Azure Managed Premium SSD
      4) Azure Managed Ultra SSD  – We do not allow protecting VMs with such disks.</b>

      When creating a VPG, the VMs’ list contains only managed disks, since all other disks are filtered out.




    I have checked all my VPG’s are using Managed Standard Disk but it’s still coming up as an error when trying to upgrade azure to 7.5.

    Can you advise ?

    I recommend you open a support ticket using the myZerto portal.

    Best Regards,


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