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Azure update & VPG split

  • Two questions:

    1. is there a 7.5 azure update?

    2. can i split up a VPG and not have to replicate all the data again? i need to move some VMs to azure and i want to do them 1 at a time and not as a group


    This is Vladimir M with Zerto Support.

    1. There is not an Azure 7.5 yet
    2. Yes,you can remove the VM from the VPG and keep the recovery disk. When creating the new VPG, you can use the preseeded volumes: https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/preseeding-volumes/

    Per your own link, Pre-seeding volumes to Azure is NOT supported….

    Hi David,


    My name is Eitan and I’m an L2 support engineer with Zerto.


    I’d like to clear up the misunderstanding. Pre-seeding to Azure is possible only on reverse protection after the VPG has been migrated out of Azure.

    In the scenario described in this thread, I can suggest using the sub-VPG failover feature that will allow you to failover specific VMs out of the whole VPG.

    Otherwise, you will either have to failover the entire VPG or resync the specific VMs you want to separate.


    Let me know if you have any further questions.

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