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Azure to VMware Migration

  • Are you able to migrate servers which are on a “premium performance” storage account from Azure back on-premise?

    If so, how do you go about it, we have a ZCA which is premium SSD disks and are unable to see any of the storage accounts which are on “premium performance”  All storage accounts are GPV1

    Hi Alan,

    I’ll preface this with “you should probably double check this with your technical account team”…

    But I believe as it stands today – Zerto does not support replication out of Azure when the VMs are using a premium storage account. This is a roadmap item for 2019.

    Zerto can replicate into Azure premium managed disks by using a converter tool in the ZCM.

    I’ll be checking this myself with product management.

    Is this still the case? We are wanting to migrate from Azure to On prem Vmware.

    im interesting to know if in the 7.0 support Premium Storage…

    also we have Azure VM with Managed Disk.  it is posible to Zerto replicate those Azure VM to VMWare onpremise?


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