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Azure Scale Sets increasing and costing moey

  • hey guys

    has this happened to someone else? All of sudden Zerto Scale Set VMs is scaling down and up and we have not done any Failovers Test or Real? But we got 2300 hours of time consumed in Azure and I see occasionally having 2 or 3 VMs in the Scale Set.

    Documentation says Scale Set can increase from 1 up to 41 to decrease RTO but if we have not  executed any Failovers how this happened? I checked history and no failovers where performed

    I see this for 2 customers that we now have to explain that we need to charge some money and we don’t why….

    I see this only in 8.5 version customers, I have one in 7.5 not issues and Scale Set history is at 1 Instance all the time

    From documentation

    (Zerto uses the cloud native Azure Scale Set service to reduce RTO when failing over to Azure. When ZCA is installed in Azure, and the ZVM is up and running, an Azure scale set with one virtual machine is created in your Azure environment. The new virtual machine, created by the Scale Set, is prefixed with the site ID. When failing over to Azure, multiple VMs in the Scale Set are deployed for the recovery process and created in the ZCA VNet. When recovery is completed, these VMs are terminated.) 



    Hey Carlos-  8.0 started using the scalesets for replication, not just failover.

    do you have links to documentation?


    That is not good at all, that will increase cost not very easy to compete with Azure ASR even when I prefer Zerto

    I’d suggest opening a case with Zerto to get documentation but I promise you this is true 🙂

    Hi Carlos,

    You are not alone. We have same problem as well. The strange part is that the cost jumped a lot from this Feb. ; and our infrastructure, Zerto version and configuration did not change from last Nov. Dont know why this could happen.

    I set the scalet set to manual and we I have to do a failover I set ti automatic no more issues I don’t get why my VMs are constantly bitmap sync since more than a yeay why all of sudden not bitmap sync can cause Scalet Set to create more instances

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