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Azure Premium Storage Support

  • Migrating VM’s in Azure on Premium Storage Accounts to VMware. Is this supported?

    I want to know that as well if 7.5 supports now that natively

    Hi Carlos,

    It is not supported to protect VM with managed disks in 7.0.

    Migrate VM in Azure to VC with premium SSD managed disk will be supported in 7.5. But note Ultra SSD is not supported. 7.5 is going to be released soon.


    so what this guy means?


    Support for Azure Premium Managed Disks –  Failback from Azure Managed Disks to and from the cloud (premium SSD, standard SSD, and standard HDD). Unlock the value of Azure Managed Disks to deliver improved flexibility, performance and capabilities for your Zerto-protected VMs in Azure.


    Basically, it says 7.5 supports the following storage both directions (Azure to VC, VC to Azure)

    managed disks premium SSD,

    managed disks standard SSD,

    managed disks standard HDD

    Thanks for all the reply’s.  How soon will this be released as I need this functionality ASAP?  Not sure why it wasn’t release with the other 7.5 installers.

    sorry Jinwei Z wha do you mean by “VC”?



    I assumed vCenter (VC)

    Yes, I meant vCenter(VC). The azure installer didn’t release with other platforms because we still have things depending on Microsoft. We work very closely with Microsoft and it is likely going to be released with other platform U1 installers. In about 1-week from now.

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