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Archive Offsite Backup Files

  • I have a need to keep a series of backups for long term archive. These long term files will be stored at our DR site. Currently I have offsite Backup configured for the VPGs I need these long term archive files and that is stored at our DR site. Is there a way to take the Offsite backup files and copy them to another storage unit and retain them long term so I do not have to do a second copy of the files across the WAN?

    Hi George,

    You can try using the offsite clones feature and then export the cloned VMs to OVA files.  Then you can store those OVAs anywhere for however long you need it and you only need to use VMware to reimport that file.  It creates a single file with the VM name and the timestamp as the file name so it’s really easy to find it when you need it.

    Hope this helps!

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