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API New VPG Error

  • Zerto 7.5 U2 Attempting to create VPGs via API and receiving the following error:

    Invoke-RestMethod : {“Message”:”Exception occurred in API: The following properties are mandatory when replicating from vSphere to vSphere. Set these accordingly:\nName:
    DeleteBackup; Location: ProtectionGroupManagementSettings.ProtectionGroupSettings.BackupSettings\r\nName: TargetIdentifier; Location:

    Error seems to be in the backup settings of the JSON which mine look as follows:

    “”Backup””: {
                        “”RepositoryIdentifier””: null,
                        “”RetentionPeriod””: null,
                        “”Retry””: {
                          “”IntervalInMinutes””: 10,
                          “”Number””: 3,
                          “”Retry””: true,
    I have also tried “”Backup””:null but that doesn’t appear to work any longer as it errors out stating the schedule information is required.
    Looked at API reference guide, white paper, and the ZVM help page but cannot find anything related the the errors posted.
    The error only presents itself when performing a commit, the VPG Settings Identifier does get generated without issues. I have also tried this on multiple ZVM with various VMs all on 7.5 U2.

    Was there a solution to this?

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