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Anyone using Gemalto with VMWare and Azure?

  • My setup is I have my own datacenter running VMWare. I’m moving to get rid of my DR datacenter, and use Azure as my DR site. Everything is setup and working properly with generic Windows VM’s in VMWare, I replicate to Azure, and I can failover and failback with any issues.

    I’m using Gemalto to encrypt all of my production VM’s that I replicate to Azure. I can failover a Gemalto encrypted VM from VMWare to VMWare without any issues. When I failover the same VM from VMWare to Azure, there is an issue with the networking, and the Gemalto pre-boot shim isn’t able to get on the network to reach the key server. I suspect this is because the change in virtual NIC. My guess is the VM is seeing the different nic and assigning it ETH1, and the Gemalto shim is trying to use ETH0. This is just a guess.

    Anyone using Gemalto between VMWare and Azure and if so, would you be willing to have a short chat about how you got it working when failing over using Zerto?

    Since there was no response to this, I doubt anyone cares, but in the event someone in the future runs into this, I have found the fix. Pre-load the MS Hyper-V network driver into your server while it’s still running in VMWare, and before you encrypt the VM. When you then failover into Azure, it will be able to use that driver, and everything works well.

    Hi Matthew – Thanks for following up and sharing your solution with the community. Much appreciated!




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