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    Zerto Virtual Replication :

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    <div class=”title capitalize”>Easy to operate and very dependable.</div>
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    <h4 class=”gitb-section”>Valuable Features:</h4>
    <div class=”gitb-section-content” data-section_name=”valuable_features”>Zerto is packed full of useful features.  The main feature is easy to manage, you will not need to be in Zerto day to day as it runs flawless. Zerto has a plugin to integrate seamlessly into VMware.  There is also a webpage you could use if you want to go that route. I would highlight is the fact Zerto was used to migrate all of our VMs from one data center to another data center (two different physical locations) when we upgraded to new hardware.  The migration was a breeze. My second valuable feature is being able to click just a few points in the program to initiate a test vm recovery at our DR location.  After testing, all test VMs are deleted along with the data.  This is automated, you do not need to interact with deleting VMs.</div>
    <h4 class=”gitb-section”>Improvements to My Organization:</h4>
    <div class=”gitb-section-content” data-section_name=”improvements_to_organization”>Zerto was able to use an EMC PROD SAN, and a HP DR SAN with no issues or compatibility problems which allowed us to avoid buying expensive hardware for a DR site. Zerto has allowed us to feel comfortable our data is being replicated, and the data is not corrupted.</div>
    <h4 class=”gitb-section”>Room for Improvement:</h4>
    <div class=”gitb-section-content” data-section_name=”room_for_improvement”>I would like to see Zerto come up with an emergency line for support.  The reports also need TLC, as I do not really find them helpful.</div>
    <h4 class=”gitb-section”>Use of Solution:</h4>
    <div class=”gitb-section-content” data-section_name=”use_of_solution”>Our company started with Zerto in January 2014.</div>
    <h4 class=”gitb-section”>Stability Issues:</h4>
    <div class=”gitb-section-content” data-section_name=”stability_issues”>The only issue with stability was when I caused the issue by changing VM settings in the DR site.  This was a great test for support, they took care of the issue quickly and got me back up and running. I consistently see 8-18 seconds RPO.  We test DR by adding a file to a server, then 1minute later launching the test failover to a site that is 6 hours (drive time) away.  The file will be there in the DR bubble.</div>
    <h4 class=”gitb-section”>Scalability Issues:</h4>
    <div class=”gitb-section-content” data-section_name=”scalability_issues”>We added new VMs with no issues, the only issue to keep in mind is the more VMs you add, the more storage your DR needs.</div>
    <h4 class=”gitb-section”>Customer Service:</h4>
    <div class=”gitb-section-content” data-section_name=”customer_service”>Outstanding!  Pre-sale we had someone with Zerto actually come to our office and make sure this was the right choice for us.  After we went live we had a few calls (initiated by Zerto) making sure we were happy and everything was running smooth.  We still get periodic emails checking on us.  I have not seen that with other companies. On the Zerto team, Jennifer Gill, Christina S, and Tara S keep track of us.</div>
    <h4 class=”gitb-section”>Technical Support:</h4>
    <div class=”gitb-section-content” data-section_name=”technical_support”>AWESOME! Tech Support is all initiated by email, but then Zerto will call you if needed. This avoids phone cues. The person I talked to the two times I called in were awesome, they were very knowledgeable. Even though I caused one of the issues that needed fixed by support, they did not treat me with any disrespect even though I caused the issue. The tech did explain how to correctly do the tasks.</div>
    <h4 class=”gitb-section”>Initial Setup:</h4>
    <div class=”gitb-section-content” data-section_name=”initial_setup”>We had a very experienced consultant set us up.</div>
    <h4 class=”gitb-section”>Other Advice:</h4>
    <div class=”gitb-section-content” data-section_name=”other_advice”>My advice for someone thinking about Zerto is to do the trial run that Zerto offers, you will be impressed.  If you are looking to get RPO’s of 30seconds or less, Zerto can do it.  I typically see 8-18 seconds RPO.  Needless to say this depends greatly on your WAN link.</div>

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