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  • “Is there a way to look at Alerting that has taken place in the past and is no longer an active Alert. Are the Alerts stored somewhere and how could I access them?”


    This is Vladimir M with Zerto.

    To review old alerts, please go to the Monitor tab, select the Events tab, within there you can change the drop-down to alerts. Please review this screenshot—-> https://gyazo.com/fd07a5ea80e79f945486e4908e9de287


    I tried this, but I still get to see the same alerts from this week as with the active alerts.

    When I set the calendar to last month I see no Alerts whatsoever, and I know we had some Alerts.

    Is there any way to look at the Alerts that happened in the past and have been resolved by now?

    If the alerts from a past date are not showing then it was cleared out.

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