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Adding a VM from an existing VPG to another

  • Good Evening All,

    Looks like the requirements have changed and I will need to group a bunch of VMs together in a single VPG.

    Currently each of those VMs are in its on separate VPG’s, so if I was to delete those VPGs and create one single one, what happens to the data, will I need to re-sync? I understand that the data can be kept on the target but what does that mean for my case?


    Thank You

    You are correct. You would leave the disks at the recovery site when you remove the VPG. Then when you add the VM’s to the existing VPG, you can choose those disks as pre-seed disks, and they will only have to do a delta sync, instead of a full sync. Just make note of where the disks are on your storage before removing the VPG, so you can easily find them when you go to add them back into the other VPG. Hope that helps.

    Thank you for the reply.

    I will try it out.

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