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7.5 token pairing

  • Question re the 7.5 token paring (we can’t upgrade our dev/QA sites to 7.5 quite yet to test this ourselves)
    it is stated:
    The token is generated in the recipient site ZVM GUI (Sites > Generate Pairing Token). It presents a small window with the token (a string of characters) and a button to copy the 32 character string to your clipboard.
    Share this token with the user at the requesting site (e.g. email / messenger)
    From the requesting site, navigate to the ZVM GUI (Sites > Pair). It presents a small window prompting for 3 items:

    For a CSP, is the recipient site the CSP and the requesting site the customer?
    or does it not matter, it’s simply created at one and sent to the other?


    Aaron S from Zerto here.  When it comes to the CSP environment you will want to generate the token at the CSP side (recipient side) and use that token at the Customer side (requesting).  In an Enterprise environment when you are pairing two 7.5 sites it won’t matter which side you generate the token from as long as you use that token on the other site to pair with.

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