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6.5 html 5 plugin

  • Christopher W



    I did a search and couldn’t find anything.  I am curious what the procedure is to allow Zerto 3rd Party Plugins into the HTML 5 client.  Any ideas?


    Hi Christopher,

    I’m tracking down your answer now and will reply again shortly.


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    Our HTML GUI does not currently allow 3rd party additions.

    Do you have a specific use-case or plugin in mind that you would like to share with us?



    Follow me: www.twitter.com/HarrySiii

    I was installing Zerto on a new vmWare 6.5 vCenter.  I didn’t know if the zerto plugin would work because 6.5 is all html5 , but after following the same procedure as in a 6.0 build.   Worked out fine.  Thanks for checking into this.

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