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10TB Pre-Stage of Data

  • Hello,

    I have a Vmware VM that contains multiple disk totaling around 10TB.  I am wondering what is the best method to pre-stage this data to get it over to my DR site?

    I have a storage appliance that I was going to present to zerto at the primary site.  From there I would add this VM to Zerto and select the local site as the recovery site and choose this storage appliance as the location to store the replicated data.

    Once the VM has synced the data, I would send the storage appliance to the DR site.  I do not want this data to reside on this appliance long term so my thought was to setup the appliance in the DR site, vmotion the datastore to the primary storage in the DR site.  Inside of zerto for this VM what would I need to do to change the VM to point to the DR site vs. local site and to pickup the pre-stagged data in the DR site?

    Is their a particular order of operation I need to follow?

    Thank You


    Do you intend to keep the local replication or is that just for the purposes of getting it copied? You can just do a clone as they detail here https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/how-to-manually-copy-disks-for-preseeding/

    Basically when you setup the replication for the VM, you need to select the source as Preseeded volume. Then point it to the files you have shipped/copied over at the DR site.

    https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/preseeding-volumes/ details the setting up the new VPG in DR and using those files.




    Local replication would just be for copy purposes.  Then my thought would be to send the appliance to the DR site to move the data to permanent storage out there.

    I was looking at the clone option.  My only concern is during the clone process if we need to make and edit to the VM within vCenter everything is grayed out until the clone process is complete and with around 10TB of VMDKs hard to tell how long this process would take.

    Also not sure what the performance impact will be on the VM during the clone process.


    In that case, you can let the local replication run and then remove the replication once fully synced. Choose the option that keep the recovery data on the recovery disks.

    Send them off to the DR site, when you setup the new VPG to the DR site, you just point it to Preseeded volumes accordingly.

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