ZertoCON 2019

The Premier Conference for IT Resilience

May 20 – 22, 2019 | Nashville, TN

Breakout Sessions

Get the inside scoop and expert analysis into the latest technologies affecting your world — from learning about PowerShell to recovering from ransomware to expanding your Zerto knowledge and much more.

See below for the first of many sessions that will be offered at ZertoCON – more coming soon!

Advanced Use Cases

Folsom Troubleshooting Blues

Learn how to maximize your Zerto experience. In this session, we will introduce you to the team of talented support engineers and how to leverage them at every step along your journey. Additionally, we’ll take you through practical troubleshooting situations and share best practices and powerful tips to optimize your environment. You will leave feeling more empowered and capable in managing Zerto than ever before!

Journey to the Center of the Journal

Join Oded Kedem (Co-Founder and chief architect) on a journey to the technical center of the elastic journal! Dive deep into this new concept of data protection and learn how to best leverage converged DR and Backup. Learn deep technical details of the journal in various platforms and its role in replication and recovery. If you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of the Elastic Journal and its value, this is the session for you!

Oops!…I encrypted it again

Ransomware is one of the most common threats for IT, and there’s no sign of black hats slowing down development of increasingly malicious worms. From CryptoLocker to WannaCry, viruses and malware, all of these can bring technology systems to a halt, even with enterprise cybersecurity defenses in place. Thankfully, there’s a better way: come see firsthand how to use Zerto to recover your infected data after an incident. This session will include how to mitigate the risk of ransomware with Zerto and see a live demo of infection and recovery of encrypted files—all without paying a penny in ransom.

API Speakeasy

Don’t let APIs hurt your achy breaky heart. Learn how to use the Zerto APIs and easily create new and repurpose or tailor existing scripts to your needs in a cookie-cutter fashion. Also hear all about the latest and greatest API goodies Zerto has bootlegged your way. Bring your questions, ideas and comments, no need to hold back, there is no prohibition here.

Guitars, Cadillacs and Zerto Analytics

Come and see what’s new and get a sneak peak of what’s coming next with Zerto Analytics. Special guest Jeffrey Frankel will share the ways Zerto Analytics is contributing to IT Resilience throughout McKesson. See a live demonstration of the powerful NEW Resource Planner capability for sizing and planning VM protection for on-premises and cloud, a must have for all organizations. Register early because this must-see session always sells out quickly!

Forever and Ever, VPG

Maintaining application consistency across all grouped machines has been the staple of Zerto Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs). Learn the latest advances including how this capability is now available for Long-Term retention use case and additional new use cases unlocked with its latest VPG Management feature. During this session you’ll learn best practices and new tips and tricks to enhance your current and future use of VPGs.

DR Test like you were dying

Test, test, and then test some more. The best way to plan for a disaster or outage is to have rock-solid tests that prove your IT and operational readiness. But from workflows to storage requirements—not to mention the almost literal mess of networking issues to untangle—there’s a lot to consider when preparing and executing successful disaster recovery tests. This practical session will show you exactly how to use Zerto to ace every single test without massive runbooks, long weekends, or any disruption to your users’ applications.

Take Me Home, OPs Road

Who has time for reading runbooks during an event? Being resilient should be the standard for any organization. Know how to handle any task that comes your way and recover applications quickly. Join vExpert Nick Scuola as he dives deep into the different Zerto operations. What they are, how they work and when to use each. If you want a thorough understanding of the what, where, when and why of Zerto, join us and learn the new meaning of RTFM. It’s not what you think!

Walk the Line of Unlimited Use Cases

You already know how Zerto has improved your disaster recovery, migration, and malware mitigation workflows—but what else can Zerto do for you? Come hear how to unlock new use cases you might not be leveraging to maximize your current investment. John Flisher, Zerto System Engineer, and Tom Fahey, IT Principal Technologist, Cigna have used Zerto to deliver non-traditional wins around root cause analysis with data forensics, in-memory database backups and more.

HPE and Zerto: A Guide to Elastic Infrastructure, Clouds, and Disaster Recovery

This isn’t your grandpa’s IT: it’s time to embrace a BC/DR paradigm that’s elastic, intelligent, and built for the modern hybrid cloud world. Zerto and HPE deliver this with industry-leading solutions expressly designed for today’s demanding workloads. Pair HPE’s scale out, AI-driven compute, network, and storage offerings with Zerto’s cutting-edge replication and cloud mobility technology to build, run, and protect any workload anywhere. In this session you’ll hear exactly how the HPE Complete portfolio and its myriad of intelligent storage options pair perfectly with Zerto’s granular short- and long-term retention options that you’ve come to rely on.

Are You Ready for Some Resiliency (and Football!)

There’s no time to fumble when managing complex recovery. Follow the playbook of keeping resiliency as the target, and align people, process and technology accordingly. Imagine the peace of mind knowing your team has the capability to recover your complex production estate within a guaranteed recovery time objective in the event of a breach. You could stay focused on what you do best in driving the winning strategies of your business. Sungard Availability Services powered by Zerto can quarterback your fully managed resilient environment. Our recovery experts are 2.5x more successful in restoring production estates compared to the industry average. Touchdown!

Failover Testing, Never Gonna Give You Up

Don’t just pass the test, ace every single failover test with Zerto. This technical session covers real-world best practices, including network and storage considerations, common pitfalls, and effective testing methodologies collected from customers around the world. Led by two of Zerto’s best SEs, Alex Schenck and Wes Carroll, and with an emphasis on practical advice, this is also a great chance to join our open discussion at the end to get answers to all your resilience testing questions.

She Thinks My ZVM is Sexy

There’s a lot going on deep inside the Zerto Virtual Manager, your do-it-all workhorse for the orchestration and recovery automation you rely on every day. Not only do ZVMs keep everything running efficiently, they also do it across diverse environments—from Hyper-V to vSphere and back, not to mention up to Azure, IBM Cloud, AWS, and 350+ other clouds. In this technical deep dive, you’ll hear from Yoav Morag (one of Zerto’s top ZVM engineers) and Joseph Bellone (Manager, Systems Engineering). They’ll dive into how the ZVM really works, what enables its deep virtual awareness, and how it seamlessly manages replication across different hypervisors and infrastructures.

Scalability from hundreds to thousands of VMs

To scale your Zerto deployment from hundreds to thousands of VMs, you need the right architecture and processes to do so successfully. This session, led by Richard Johnson – AT&T Principal Technical Architect, will cover best practices on deploying more than 1500 VMs with Zerto. Learn how he plans to scale over 5,000 VMs. You’ll leave this session confident with the best practices, reference architecture required and tips to successfully perform large scale deployments with Zerto.

Stand by your vExpert

Curious about VMware User Groups or why and how to become a vExpert? Come geek out on VMware with Ariel Sanchez (Sr. TAM at VMware) and Nick Scuola (Zerto SE and vExpert Pro) for a conversational deep dive into the value and resources available within the extensive VMware userbase. This is a collaborative session: bring your questions and tips on building your VMware network, attending or running a VMUG, or joining the global vExpert community.

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Take Me to the Clouds Above

With the recent rise of cloud computing there is now a plethora of cloud platforms to choose from, each with their own unique silver linings, driving increasing adoption of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies. In this session we’ll cover Zerto’s ability to accelerate your cloud journey, with migration, mobility and protection, removing vendor lock-in and delivering consistent IT Resilience across many different cloud platforms.

Microsoft Azure: I like it, I love it, I want some more of it

Choosing Azure is a great choice for your cloud deployment, but are you getting the most out of migrating your workloads? In this session, Kyle Bromley, Zerto Solutions Architect and Microsoft Azure SME, will discuss when it’s best to utilize infrastructure as service (IaaS) versus platform as a service (PaaS) options in Azure, how to “right size” your workloads in Azure with Zerto, and what hyperscale-level IT resilience really looks like.

AWS, You Got What I Need

AWS is feature-rich and easy to get started with. But to get the most out of Amazon, networking, governance, billing, and security all require careful optimization. During this session, Alex Schenk, Zerto Solutions Architect for Public Cloud, will explore in-depth how Zerto works in AWS, share best practices, and walk through how you can simplify your journey to the cloud. Topics include configurations (VPC, Subnet, Security Group, and IAM), Zerto Import Methods, failback out of AWS, and cost control considerations.

Good Migrations

Traditional migration techniques just weren’t made for these times, they’re complex, slow and often have a large impact on any organization, but there is an answer! In this session learn how Zerto removes the complexity challenges so you can easily migrate at speed across hypervisors and cloud environments. Hear first-hand from a customer how they achieved good migrations.

Is DR Always On Your Mind?

Join Stephen Myers, PharMerica’s VP of Enterprise Infrastructure, and Jason Carolan, Flexential’s Chief Innovation Officer, as they explore a real-life use case of PharMerica’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) experiences and lessons learned. Gain an understanding of PharMerica’s migration methodology and design, the business applications of disaster recovery, and Flexential’s DR solution implementation approach using Zerto.

Avoid Migration Migraines: The Right Tools and Team Can Accelerate Your Move to the Cloud

Cloud migration – to your first cloud, from one cloud to another, or to more cloud instances – can be incredibly complex. Beginning with assessments and sizing, to the move itself and then ultimately developing and leveraging a post-migration strategy, it’s critical that each element is carefully planned to ensure the availability of applications and to minimize the impact to productivity. In this session you’ll see how the expertise of a cloud services provider in combination with Zerto’s replication technologies ensures continuous data protection, non-disruptive testing, and support for diverse environments during a cloud migration.

Whether Academia or Business: Practical DR Tips Apply

As long-time consumers of cloud-based Zerto services, Brown University and Ceridian have gained deep insights as to how to successfully build and execute a disaster recovery strategy in the cloud. During this discussion, facilitated by their cloud managed service provider, Navisite, IT expert Nancy Freeman, Director of Disaster Recovery and Storage Services at Brown University and Darren McMichael VP of Cloud Hosting at Ceridian, will share some of the unique challenges they faced and how others can take advantage of their lessons learned.

Simplify the Journey to Cloud with iland

The IT landscape changes daily. Staying competitive means ensuring IT resilience – adapting, securing, and protecting the applications that are critical to your business. Cloud has become the destination of choice for scale and efficiency, but the journey to cloud is often overlooked by many providers. Meet iland. iland focuses as much on simplifying the journey to cloud, as providing a proven, secure, and highly available destination. With Zerto and iland, IT resilience in the cloud is made easy. Together, we provide expert strategy, simplified deployment, common management, and secure recovery. Join this session to learn: How iland has simplified the journey to cloud, from strategy to deployment, How Zerto and iland have improved disaster recovery management, Why iland is the Cloud Platform for Resilient Businesses.

DR Done Right: Total Failover at the Push of a Button

Automation is all the rage right now as it allows us to do more with less — a standard demand in the IT industry. Why not do the same thing with your Disaster Recovery plan? In this session, Expedient will show how they automate Disaster Recovery failovers via non-proprietary process and tools while leveraging the Zerto API for their clients. This Push Button DR makes DR failover and testing a non-event as it is automated and orchestrated the same way each time. Simply push the button, wait a few minutes, and go. Join Expedient’s VP of Product Strategy, John White, as he details the architecture that powers this solution and gives a live demo of Push Button DR.

What happens if your software-defined datacenter fails?

It is a common IT nightmare to have your on-premise data center fail and have no backup. There is the additional fear of having to fail over to your disaster recovery environment and finding out it is not what you expected. In this session, we will talk about the advantage of utilizing Zerto on IBM Cloud for your business continuity needs. Within the IBM Cloud, users will be able to maintain consistent tooling and process across a hybrid cloud environment for their VMware and SAP workloads. By providing hypervisor and bare metal access, users can utilize Zerto to achieve unmatched RPO and RTO objectives in the cloud. Everyone wants to be able to say with confidence that if something bad happened, they have a DR environment they trust. Join us to learn why Zerto on IBM Cloud is your trusted environment.

Converged DR & Backup

Digging Deep into Zerto 7.0

Learn all about what’s new in Zerto 7. We will dig deep into how we revolutionize data protection by converging our award-winning DR capabilities with innovative backup capabilities. Also learn how we have enhanced our integration with hyperscalers, like Azure, to further improve your cloud experience. Want even more? Trust us, we have you covered!

Achy, Breaky Backup

Periodic backups are old news. Zerto 7 has changed backup by introducing a new, faster and better way to solve for backup use cases whether for short-term or long-term data retention. In this session, led by Andy Fernandez (Zerto Product Marketing Manager) and guest Tom Gillespie (Director of Application Integration and Product Management at Exagrid), you’ll learn how to solve for backup use cases and why Disaster Recovery and Backup are better together with Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform.

Long-Term Retention for Short Money

Combining Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform with ExaGrid’s disk-based backup storage leverages the strengths of each solution to provide advanced, comprehensive, and best-in-class real-time data protection of your virtualized environments. Start by using Zerto to non-disruptively and continuously replicate to any BC/DR location. Then take resilience with long-term retention to the next level by adding ExaGrid backup storage featuring a hyperconverged, scale-out architecture with data deduplication. ExaGrid rapidly ingests Zerto’s backups to form a Zerto Elastic Journal with long-term retention points, retained in deduplicated form, to meet all your compliance-driven retention demands at a reduced storage footprint and cost.