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Zerto Analytics is an advanced, web-based monitoring platform that delivers detailed reporting and troubleshooting capabilities.  Zerto Analytics is fundamentally changing the way IT teams monitor environment health, delivering unrivaled visibility across your entire multi-site, Multi-Cloud environment.  With data from multiple Zerto Virtual Managers (ZVMs) consolidated and aggregated into one easy-to-navigate web page, Zerto Analytics empowers businesses to identify data patterns, make informed decisions, protect SLAs, and improve day-to-day process.

Zerto Analytics platform provides unrivaled visibility across your entire protected hybrid cloud infrastructure
Aggregated and consolidated information in one easy-to-use interface
Leverages metrics such as network performance, storage consumption, and average RPO over 30 days
Provides real-time information based on real-time replication

How do I Enable Zerto Analytics?

The Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) sends data once every minute and the sent data is compressed and throttled to minimize the amount of bandwidth consumed.

Enabling Zerto Analytics is very simple and requires no out-of-the-box setup. Customers that have upgraded to ZVR 5.0 or higher and have a valid maintenance and support contract have access to the platform:

  1. In the Zerto Virtual Manager, go to Settings>About and check “Enable Online Services and Zerto Mobile”
  2. Go to the myZerto portal at www.zerto.com and login using your credentials
  3. Click on the Zerto Analytics tab
  4. Begin monitoring environment health across all protected on-premises and cloud sites in one intelligent dashboard


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What's New in Zerto Analytics

To continue delivering the most innovative and effective product, Zerto is constantly making improvements to the Zerto Analytics platform.

New network performance reports help IT troubleshoot and solve network issues
Enhanced integration and automation via continuous improvement to Zerto Analytics APIs
Dynamic RPO and Journal reports optimizes IT efficiency and drives your businesses towards continual service improvement
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The Power of Monitoring at Your Fingertips

The Zerto Mobile solution extends infrastructure monitoring from your datacenter to the palm of your hand. With the Zerto Mobile widget on your phone, team members can see exactly what is happening across your on-premises and cloud environments and how ZVR is performing without having to open the app.

Quicker-than-ever access to your environment via smartphone or tablet device
Allows monitoring status without the need to enter the App
Mini dashboard includes VPG status and average RPO
No VPN or Zerto permissions required – give read-only access to C-levels and sys admins
Mini dashboard includes VPG status and average RPO
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