Remove Brexit Uncertainty with Simple Portability

Now that the UK has decided to leave the EU, many companies are trying to prepare for the impact. There are so many unknowns at this point and many companies are in a holding pattern. The problem is, going into a holding pattern can put your revenue generation in a holding pattern as well. The solution to this issue is to find a way to keep your business flexible and agile so you can respond quickly to a change, while maintaining or exceeding your customers’ expectations.

Application and data portability enables businesses to quickly respond to changes in information handling policies. If you find yourself in a position where you need to move your information fast, Zerto Virtual Replication makes it easy to migrate your applications.

Many organizations don’t think that fast migrations or application moves are possible – with Zerto it is very possible. Zerto Virtual Replication has no dependencies on storage or hypervisors. Applications can move from VMware vSphere to Microsoft Hyper-V and from Flash Storage to SAN Storage in just a few clicks. Here are a few customer examples:

  • Royal TenCate moved a 300 GB ERP application 3,000 miles in 15 minutes
  • KingFisher IT decommissioned a data center, moving all the applications and data from France to the UK
    • “One of the key attributes of ZVR is, as long as VMware supports it, Zerto can support it. We are looking to migrate older applications, which could have been a very complex and costly process. With ZVR, not only is the process efficient, it is so simple. We just select the virtual machines and migrate them over. This could have taken us months using a traditional solution.” Simon Miles, Technical Specialist
  • A Fortune 50 company was able to complete a migration in 18 minutes
    • “This is when we really saw the power of Zerto. An application migration typically takes a few days to plan and then an additional few days to execute. During the actual migration, the application is not available. With Zerto, we completed the application migration in just 18 minutes. We were just blown away.”

With Zerto, there are many options in terms of migration targets. Applications and data can be migrated in just a few clicks to:

  • Over 300 Managed Cloud Service Providers around the globe
  • Public Cloud Options like Azure and AWS
  • Any site within your organization around the globe where there is VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V running

Zerto Virtual Replication installs seamlessly into the existing infrastructure to deliver simple, automated and powerful disaster recovery along with application portability. Our customers have also leveraged Zerto to quickly recover from Ransomware attacks which are up 3500% in EMEA[1]. There are some investments that can wait, but investments which protect you and your customers while making it easy to respond quickly to changing business, technology and government requirements cannot. Zerto Virtual Replication delivers Resilience for Evolving IT™, ensuring enterprises and their customers always have access to applications without any IT interruption, downtime or delay.


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