Scary Disaster Recovery Stories

Turn on your lights and lock your doors! It’s time for  Tales from the IT Crypt…

We’ve all got a story, an IT disaster story, that spooked us into taking DR seriously. Unplanned outages, deletions, natural disasters… This year Zerto is asking for your most frightening IT story. Plus, we’ve got some good spooky ones we will share with you on our Master of Disaster: The Scariest Disaster Recovery stories — EVER! Webinar, on October 25th!

Share your story and WIN:

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Make sure to tune into our webinar, on October 25th to find out which scary story wins the big prize and hear some other Tales from the IT Crypt!!

Read below for those who have already shared their stories that are sure to give you GOOSEBUMPS!


Matt C.’s Story

As the clock chimed 3 times, then 4, then 5, signaling the 5 o’clock hour was upon us, and with the slightest glimpse of sun peeking in through the crack of my 3rd floor window, the beads of sweat running down my brow became more plentiful. “People on the east coast are going to be waking up shortly, and not a single critical system is running” I said to the other 4 engineers on the conference call…

Travis F.’s Story

After a large storm rolled through the area that i work in it knocked out power to our building and the generators did not power on when the power went out. That morning i had over 100+ users trying to login to our network and no one could. We had to go up to our server room and manually boot each server and re-post end of day…

Matt M.’s Story

This one time I came into work through roads that had over 3 feet of snow to find out that we were on generator power. There wasn’t enough coffee in the building to keep me going that day…

Dino T.’s Story

As a Systems Administrator, most of you can relate to the Boss that doesn’t care and probably couldn’t understand RTO/RPO. At the time of this story, I was working in a data center where Murphy ruled and the laws of physics didn’t exist. One year my liebert backup failed – I only had one unit at the time…

Chin’s Story

My scariest story … an old server room of a very large manufacturing company was under a sewage tank. One auspicious day, the cleaners accidentally punch a hole in the sewage tank on the floor above…

Leo G.’s Story

I was working OT in data center, suddenly one of the main servers went down for 10 minutes. When it was back up a messages read year 1999 12am. Then a light started flashing in the room and became very,very dark….

Jayme W.’s Story

What seemed to be a normal day, soon turned dark and dreary as evidence of a benevolence force began to stack up! A force from the Crypt-o-locker!!!…

Rik G.’s Story

Before there were really cool things like Zerto and virtualization, DR for the hospital group I worked for was a disaster itself. Our plan consisted of physically taking tape on a 5-hour drive, restoring to rental equipment from Sunguard (which took over 2 days to just restore email) and then bring a system online one at a time…

Michael M.’s Story

This happened about 6 years ago. Our IT department was going about doing their normal day to day tasks. I recieved a call from one of our employees informing me that a directory she was looking for was missing. Not a big deal we have people accidentally move folders from time to time. But then the rest of the department starting getting calls that our company’s project directory had vanished completely. …

Brian K.’s Story

An HR person accidentally sends out the cumulative summary of last year’s performances reviews for several hundred managers to everyone instead of sending out a blank form and then leaves for the day at noon. …

Chris D.’s Story

We use Wasp QuickStore for our POS system to hand out supplies to employees. Well, we were in the process of creating new items and barcodes for new products that we were going to start using in place of the old ones. Well, I kept on asking my boss what she wanted to do with the old products that we weren’t going to be using anymore. She never gave me an answer and told me to handle it myself, so I did. I deleted all the old items/products that we were no longer going to be using since it would cause confusion on which one we should use…

Greg S.’s Story

I was the hands and feet at a bank in Vancouver doing an upgrade while the guys back East did their job. The SQL crashed and I had to stay over at the bank for 16hrs. I slept on the couch they had in the lunchroom …

Louis H.’s Story

Here is a definite reason that I have switched from OS based replication solutions to Zerto: A customer had a 2 node Exchange 2010 DAG where they wanted to perform replication to a remote location on a single node server. We configured the other replication software on both production nodes and then configured it on the DR node. This particular client received, on average, 250,000 emails a day and has over 600 users on their network. As I began the configuration of replication the software first requested the source and then the target, then configuration options such as throttling and compression. After completing this and performing the pre-replication analysis I clicked the begin replication button and just as I did, to my horror, I saw that based on how confusing the interface was…

Jin’s Story

Hello. I’m a virtualization engineer of the South Korea’s CDIT. We have customers who uses Zerto. A few months ago… during a hot summer an outsourcing developer accidentally deleted the important DB table. (oh…my god!!!) Business stopped immediately. …

Michal O.’s Story

Once upon a time six years ago on a Friday my colleague and I tested a Beta version of the new OS in our client. This OS was to be implemented in the future as a production system. That day, basically that night, after everything was change all proceeded ok, so I went home at my normal time…and my colleague was left alone. He bought some refreshments, including alcohol, finished the test and (oh my God) implemented that system for the production (300-400 users accounting to our outsource company) Saturday and Sunday were fine because it was the weekend and people were off; And then came Monday…

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