Get to Know Your Zerto Ecosystem: Virtacore

Welcome to the “Get to know your Zerto Ecosystem”   video series. Over the course of this series we will hold interviews with different cloud service providers that use Zerto’s Cloud Continuity Platform to provide disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). The videos will highlight some interesting news and features of these cloud service providers as well as some fun things about the person we are interviewing.

For our first video in the series we would like to introduce, we would like to introduce Mike Warstler, Solutions Engineer at Virtacore. Mike is an avid cooker, and also enjoys spending time with his kids..

Enjoy the video below, and some excerpts from the interview.

Zerto: Can you give us a little background on Virtacore and the services you provide?

Mike: We are an infrastructure and service provider, we were established in approximately 2000. We are built on what we consider  best of breed technology, so Equinix data centers, Cisco USC Compute platforms, Nimble storage and VMware enterprise plus.

Customers that we are working with typically are looking to do a handful of things: production environments, test and development, virtual desktop instances, offsite data protection, colocation, and, really our sweet spot, disaster recovery services. We are really focused on disaster recovery and the inside joke here is that we refer to ourselves at Zertocore.

Zerto: How are your customers using Cloud-based DR?

Mike: …..So one, protecting from a disaster, obviously. They are looking at, is it the 500 year flood they are protecting against, is it the power outage, or the constructions crew that dug up the fiber connections, or maybe that oops moment that comes with human error; so one is obviously protecting from a disaster.

Two is huge, which is compliance. Organizations looking to meet any compliance requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley or HIPAA, organizations that really need to check that box to meet compliance requirements.

Thirdly, migration. We use Zerto quite a bit for migrations; either from an on-premises solution or another hosted or colocation facility into the Virtacore environment.

What I think is most important about using the Zerto tool for all these solutions is not only the ability to perform tests but also the ability to generate reports, and be able to show people the results of the test before we go into a disaster, or to meet compliance requirements, or before migration. So upfront we can know, is this going to be successful or not.

Zerto: What in particular do you like to cook?

Mike: I am a griller, I love to grill. Anything, whether it is seafood or anything. I host a pig-roast every year, and I like that because I get to cook with garden tools and that is not something many people get to say.

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