Change the Game: Solving the Disaster Recovery Challenge

By Eric Hannah, Director of Sales — Central U.S.

Rubiks Cube“Process and protocol are valid for when things are happening as they should. In the event of a disaster, process goes out the window and we are forced to change our approach to find a solution.”

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Lt. General Russel L. Honoré, USA (Ret.) who was the commander of the Joint Task Force, Katrina and the Global Preparedness Authority speak at an event about leadership in the event of a disaster. Honoré’s leadership was crucial in the recovery from Hurricane Katrina and the anecdotes he shared were both inspiring and entertaining. The quote above resonates with me as I think about today’s IT marketplace and the value of changing the game. How so?

For years, IT has faced the lingering challenge; what do we do in the event of a disaster? How do we recover and get our business back online? I’ve heard everything from “we keep our fingers crossed,” to “we update our resumes,” and “we have a disaster recovery (DR) process in place with a few products… but have not proven it works completely.” And there is that word “plan” that should work. But the nature of a disaster is things are not going to go as planned.

Zerto solves the problem of data loss and application downtime that negatively impacts a company. It also provides the IT team, tasked with solving this problem, confidence in a solution that works. Zerto delivers this confidence by changing the approach of delivery when recovering from a disaster.

For years, the IT market has invested in ways to get data off site and found multiple solutions. However, when disaster strikes, protocol for delivering IT to the business abruptly changes and getting applications back up becomes ‘panic time’.

Avoiding this panic is the key to Zerto’s approach. Making disaster recovery testing automated and simple is the only way to ensure that there will be no panic when an actual outage happens. Watch this video to see how simple it is to automate DR testing with Zerto:

Zerto is purpose-built for a virtual environment, and represents a new approach to traditional data replication solutions. It is our clients’ biggest challenge to have the VMWare team, storage team, and director level of technology embrace a new approach to disaster recovery as a team. If you and your team will embrace the thought of a single solution protecting the application, its data, and providing full automation from the top down (and not from the traditional “data replicated one way — machines recovered another way” approach), you’ll find BC/DR does not have to be such a hectic situation where all processes go out the window. You’ll see you’ve found a solution to a problem, one built with a tried-and-tested approach for those times when disaster strikes, and your business will thank you for it.

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