Simplified Hybrid Cloud Recovery, Backup, Migration & Mobility | Zerto

Simplified Hybrid Cloud Recovery, Backup, Migration and Mobility

Protect, manage and migrate applications across hybrid clouds.

Zerto’s platform easily replicates and migrates data between VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments and natively to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Zerto also enables VMware on public cloud with support for Azure VMware Solution (AVS), Google Cloud VMware Engine, and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution offering unparalleled simplicity and orchestration across all use cases. Encapsulate applications with Zerto Virtual Protection Groups (VPG) to migrate them as a single entity across different clouds or any other environment.

“Zerto Not Only Solved our DR, It Solved the Question of ‘Can We Run in the Cloud?’”

Andy Wolfe, Technical Architect, Maritz

Public, Private, Hybrid or Multi-cloud – It’s Your Choice

Zerto’s Platform helps you create the perfect datacenter combination by migrating and protecting your applications to and across clouds. It also delivers all the features required to provide a complete hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution – making it indispensable to organizations of any size that have embraced virtualization and cloud. Choose from over 450 Managed Service Providers(MSP’s) or public clouds like Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud,  AWS, Google Cloud or Oracle Cloud.

Seamless Application and Data Mobility

Encapsulate and move applications  and data as needed within an environment, across hypervisors, or to the public cloud.

Fast Migrations

Leverage new IT assets and minimize downtime by completing migrations in minutes.

Hybrid Cloud Data Management

Zerto Analytics provides a simple, single view for IT teams to monitor the health of their entire protected environment and delivers unrivaled visibility and insight across multi-site, multi-cloud environments.

No Application or Data Reconfiguration Required

Installs into existing infrastructure in minutes, regardless of hypervisor, cloud or storage — potentially saving days or weeks of installation and integration time during migrations.