Storage & Hypervisor-Agnostic Replication & Migration Solution | Zerto

Storage and Hypervisor-Agnostic Replication and Migration

Zerto provides one simple platform to manage disaster recovery and backup independent of storage and hypervisor. Increase the utilization of already owned IT assets by utilizing Microsoft Hyper-V or public cloud for a target site while utilizing VMware for production. Easily migrate VMs from VMware vSphere to Microsoft Hyper-V, Azure or Amazon AWS.

Compare Zerto vs. Other Solutions

No vendor lock-in is just the start, see what other benefits Zerto offers compared to other solutions

How Does Zerto Eliminate Storage Vendor Lock-In?

SAN replication was once the standard for enterprise-class BC/DR – but it required that the same storage array make and model be matched at both the source and target. In 2011 Zerto launched hypervisor-based replication which is completely storage agnostic and can replicate from any storage brand or technology to any other.

Save Considerable Cost by Replicating in the Hypervisor

Replication technologies once required organizations to purchase two of every storage arrays for each new project, upgrade or refresh. This removes flexibility, choice and increases cost. Worse still, the actual storage space used by configuring SAN replication requires significant reserve which wastes space in both storage arrays by consuming 30% or more. Zerto removes those issues altogether and requires only the overhead of one low-CPU VM per hypervisor.

Storage-Agnostic, Yes, but Hypervisor Agnostic, too?

Zerto’s industry-first hypervisor-agnostic platform enables replication across Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere. With automatic conversion of the virtual machines (VMs) on the fly, users no longer must match the hypervisor between and data centers. This allows utilization of the hypervisor of choice based on workload, cost, performance and availability, rather than by technical limitation lock-in. Zerto will even let you use the same license across hypervisors.

Cloud “Translation” on the Fly

Zerto’s agnostic approach doesn’t stop at hypervisors, it also extends into the cloud. Move or recover any workload, to or from any cloud platform, without any manual conversion process required

Make Use of Hyper-V, Azure Credits

With support for replication between different hypervisors, Zerto allows any combination of VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors based on the requirements of the workloads and data centers. Due to Microsoft licensing practices, Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure licenses & credits are generally already available to an organization with Microsoft assets, so they can be used with Zerto to maximize ROI.