Workload Mobility for Simultaneous, Multi-Site Replication | Zerto

One-to-Many, Multi-Site Replication

Zerto’s innovative One-to-Many feature allows a VM to simultaneously replicate to several other target platforms—including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud, or over 350 other Zerto Cloud Service Providers—while replicating a local copy.

Architecture Guide for the Zerto Platform

This architecture guide is designed for anyone implementing an all-encompassing IT resilience solution with Zerto utilizing an on-premises production environment.

Continuous Data Protection is the Key to Rapid Recovery and Migration

Simultaneously protect applications, VMs, and data, locally and to multiple remote sites, from logical failures, human errors, and malware attacks. Continuous data protection, point-in-time recoverability, with RPOs of seconds enable rapid, local or remote recovery—which can now be retrieved from seconds before the deletion or corruption.

Protect Interdependent Applications

One-to-Many replication maintains a local replica of individual applications, with a protection group to the remote site for all interdependent applications. Consistency is maintained between all the disks, VMs, and applications with write-order fidelity, enabling recovery of the entire data center to the exact same point in time, in minutes.

Migrate without Risk

One-to-Many enables replication of applications, VMs, and data to the new location without breaking the existing replication and protection. Migration projects can now be completed faster, without risk, and fully validated to prove recovery and performance in the new site without impact.

True Multi-Cloud

Transform your business and replicate applications, VMs, and data within a local data center, a secondary data center, and to over 350+ clouds including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and IBM cloud. Configure different journal retention policies enabling up to 30 days of point-in-time recovery using cheap S3 or Blob storage in the public cloud.

Enhanced Performance

Rapid recovery and migration are crucial for organizations to mitigate risk and reduce unplanned downtime. Zerto delivers industry-leading RPOs of seconds, including the simultaneous protection of local and multiple remote sites.