Journal File Level Recovery for the Enterprise | Zerto

Rewind and Resume with Journal-Based Recovery

Recover files, VMs, applications and entire datacenters from seconds ago or up to 30 days.

Forget Backup – Use Zerto Journal Recovery

See how easy it is to recover data from only seconds ago.

Granularity of Seconds at Any Scale

Zerto’s Journaling technology keeps a constant log of all the changes users make to applications and data. Because the changes are continuously written to the journal, it can deliver any point-in-time recoverability.

File & Folder Recovery

With journal file-level recovery, files or folders created minutes ago and deleted seconds ago are already recoverable using Journal File Level Restore.

Multi-VM Consistency

Zerto’s unique Application Consistency Grouping allows recovery of multiple VMs to a consistent point-in-time with only a few clicks.

Recover from Ransomware

Got hit by ransomware? Recover your data from seconds before the ransomware encryption started, whether it’s a file server or specific folders.

Storage Efficiency 

Because Zerto does not require additional source storage capacity and stores all changes compressed, you can store 30 days of changes using only 15% of additional storage.