Journal File Level Recovery for the Enterprise | Zerto

Rewind and Resume with Journal-Based Recovery

Recover files, VMs, applications and entire datacenters from seconds ago to a few years ago.

Forget Backup – Use Zerto Journal Recovery

See how easy it is to recover data from only seconds ago.

Granularity of Seconds at Any Scale

Zerto’s journal and replication keeps a constant log of all the changes users make to applications and data. Say goodbye to snapshots. With Zerto, changes are continuously written to its journal, delivering any point-in-time recoverability.

Key Benefits

File & Folder Recovery

With journal-based file level recovery, files or folders created minutes ago and deleted seconds ago are already recoverable using Journal File-Level restore.

Application Consistency

Zerto’s unique application consistency grouping allows the recovery of multi-VM applications to a consistent point-in-time with only a few clicks.

Recover from Ransomware

Got hit by ransomware? Recover your data seconds before encryption, whether it’s a file server, specific folders or an application.

No impact to production

By utilizing hypervisor-based replication, Zerto removes the need for snapshots and the impact on your production environment.