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Automated Disaster Recovery Testing

Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform enables orchestrated and automated disaster recovery testing, carried out any time, with just four simple clicks.

3-Step Failover Testing. It's That Easy

How can a CIO or IT Manager be confident that their IT will perform 24/7/365?

Simplicity Through Automation

Does your recovery process rely on the knowledge of individuals who may not be available when disruption occurs? Is failover testing time-consuming, involving the coordinated effort of various IT teams outside of business hours or on weekends?

If so, Zerto can help – with simplified, automated DR testing that can be performed during work hours with zero impact on production.

Compliance Made Simple with Advanced DR Reporting and Analytics

Zerto’s failover test reporting documents the pass/fail of each step of the recovery process. Reports—delivered in concise PDFs for auditing and management purposes—can be generated for any failover test, customized with company logos, and scripted to run any time, any day.

Complete Test & Recovery Automation – Get Your Weekends Back

Zerto supports pre-and post-replication scripts to further automate the recovery process, as well as Powershell and REST APIs for further customization. Customer replication scripts can also be utilized to customize the recovery process and automate any additional configuration steps required.

Application Consistent Testing and Recovery

Achieve application-consistent recovery and seamless failover through multi-VM grouping mechanism (Virtual Protection Groups), automatic IP-reconfiguration, MAC addressing, and boot-ordering, or utilize VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V for on-the-fly VM conversion.

Migration Validation Testing 

Letting you test migrations ahead of time in an isolated bubble network, Zerto gives you confidence your migration will perform quickly and successfully. Combined with on-the-fly VM conversion between hypervisor and cloud platforms, it’s easy to see why Zerto is the industry standard for data center consolidations and migrations.

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