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Application Consistent Backup and Recovery

Maintain consistency between applications and data for precise and predictable recovery.

Don't Let Inconsistent Backups Impact Your Business

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Protect Applications, Not Just Data

Enterprise applications typically span multiple VMs, hosts, datastores or even storage systems. Coordinating both the state of the data and the state of the application is challenging – but Zerto is here to help.

VM-level Consistency Grouping

Zerto’s innovative Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) allow you to replicate and recover complex multi-VM applications as one cohesive unit to the exact same point in time whether recovery is from seconds ago to years.

Automated Application Recovery

Pre-configure VM boot-order, network and IP address configuration to assure successful and fast recovery of entire application stacks or even application chains.

Sub-VPG Recovery

Sometimes, only a single VM needs to be recovered as opposed to an entire application. That’s why Zerto also lets you recover applications, single VMs, or individual files & folders.

No Agents, No Snapshots

Because Zerto does not utilize snapshots or agents, it scales to thousands of VMs and never impacts production.

Simple and Easy to Use, Yet Very Effective and Powerful


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