Full Featured REST API for Easy Integration & Automation | Zerto

API Integration

A full-featured API allows for easy integration with existing orchestration, monitoring or configuration management solutions.

Save Time by Reducing Manual Tasks

See how you can make your life easier by using Zerto’s APIs.

Automate Everything

Reduce management and deployment time to minutes and avoid repeating steps by utilizing Zerto’s automation capabilities.

VM Protection

Automate the protection of every application and Virtual Machine with Zerto’s API.

Zerto Deployment

Get your protection up and running within minutes and cut installation times by automatically deploying Zerto’s components.

3rd Party Integration

Integrate with VMware vRealize Orchestration, Ansible or any other automation/orchestration tool to make protection an integral part of your entire orchestration strategy.


Zerto APIs allow you to integrate with Zerto Analytics for deeper insight into the protection status of your entire multi-site or multi-cloud environment.