In the first episode of “The DR Crowd” the IT helpdesk have hit the wall. Dealing with application performance issues and protecting the business from pesky ransomware infections has got everybody in a kafuffle. The team find out how you can’t compare sloths to cheetahs and the secret to dealing with all their issues in one simple solution!

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Join “The DR Crowd” in the second episode of their adventures where they find out what the cloud is, the most effective ways of using it and how the cloud can save them on IT storage costs!



In this episode the Boss is headed on vacation and wants to be able to keep an eye on things while he is away. The team introduces him to Zerto’s new mobile app that allows him get real-time replication and point in time recovery history anytime, anywhere – it’s I.T. resilience, on the go!

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Backup Guy

The backup guy loves to be prepared for every type of disaster, from ransomware infections and database corruptions, through to vicious bear attacks. His biggest problem however, is trying to minimize data loss by using snapshot technologies to take backups, which constantly stun and kill performance, making his life a misery. So bad in fact, he is considering switching back to tape as that would be easier!

Storage Guy

The storage guy has a need for speed and loves Chuck Norris. Whether it’s all flash arrays, fast cars or taking down bad guys, he wants the latest toys to make everything run faster and more powerful, but he has problems with lock-in and snapshots! Pesky snapshots mean that everybody is blaming his “storage configuration” for performance reasons, when he has more SSDs and IOPs than you can shake a very large stick at! Lock-in means he can’t buy any shiny new toys, because of the need to match his legacy storage vendor when it comes to DR. Soon he will find out how he can become the Chuck Norris of storage and like his idol “win a game of connect 4, in 3 moves”.

The Boss

The boss is stressed-out and he is taking it out on some poor animals in his favorite mobile phone game. He is trying to deal with legacy infrastructure issues, protect the business from disasters, rogue sloths and ransomware infections, while trying to figure out how they can embrace the mystical “cloud” to save money and improve resilience. It is a lot to juggle and get right, meanwhile he has a holiday coming up and cannot enjoy the sun, sea, sand and his game, if he can’t keep check on the status of their Disaster Recovery anywhere anytime.

Zerto Lady

The Zerto lady is the virtualization ninja on the team and not only that, she is a world-renowned specialist on sloths and cheetahs. She has the latest virtualization solutions in her back pocket and is working hard to bring everyone else up to speed. It’s sometimes tricky, and she often needs witty acronyms and comparisons to beat the competition with ninja-like precision, but with her extensive knowledge of Zerto, sloths and cheetahs, she will change the way the team thinks about backups, DR and the cloud forever.

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