One-To-Many Replication

Workload Mobility for Simultaneous, Multi-Target Replication

Simultaneously protect VMs to multiple target sites Protect VMs on-premises and to the cloud
Replicate VMs locally for direct recovery to production Utilize Microsoft Azure or AWS cheap blob/S3 storage
Achieve true IT Resilience and Cloud Agility Use any of over 350 Zerto Cloud Service Providers
Configure individual SLAs and; retention policies for different applications Address multiple innovate use cases


What is One-to-Many Replication?

One-to-Many is one of the most powerful features of Zerto Virtual Replication. This innovative feature solidifies Zerto’s position as the fastest, most effective mobility and recovery solution for applications, VMs, and files.  Simultaneously replicate a VM locally and to several other target platforms including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, or over 350 other Zerto Cloud Service Providers.

One-to-Many replication provides organizations with unparalleled resilience, flexibility, speed and power when it comes to protecting and recovering applications and data.

Recover Directly to Production

Applications, VMs, and data can now be protected simultaneously both locally and to multiple remote sites with continuous data protection, point-in-time recoverability, and seconds of RPO.  This enables rapid, local recovery from logical failures, human errors, and malware attacks from seconds before the deletion or corruption.

Reduce the impact of data loss from infrequent and complex daily backups, which struggle to complete given the increasing number of multi-terabyte VMs and applications.

Replicate On-Premises and to the Cloud

Transform your business and replicate applications, VMs, and data within a local datacenter, a secondary datacenter, and to over 350+ clouds including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and IBM cloud. Configure different journal retention policies enabling up to 30 days of point-in-time recovery using cheap S3 or Blob storage in the public cloud.

Keep your business protected and always available, with the added benefit of being able to try out the cloud with no impact.

Migration Protection

Changing your datacenter, whether to a new geographic location, a new colocation facility, or the cloud, is becoming an increasingly difficult task.  Migrations result in significant windows of downtime, with applications and data being unavailable for extended periods of time.  One-to-Many replication enables replication of applications, VMs, and data to the new location without breaking the existing replication and protection.

Migration projects can now be completed faster, without risk, and fully validated to prove recovery and performance in the new site without impact.

Protect Interdependent Applications

Many organizations rely on applications and databases continuously updating each other to facilitate processes across multiple business operations. In the event of a site outage it is therefore critical for the business to recover all data to a consistent point in time. Using One-to-Many replication maintains a local replica of individual applications, with a protection group to the remote site for all the interdependent applications.

Consistency is maintained between all the disks, VMs and applications with write-order fidelity, enabling the unique capability to recover the entire datacenter to the exact same point in time, in just a few clicks, in minutes.

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