General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a newly designed piece of legislation drafted to ensure the security and privacy of personal data for EU citizens.  It will protect the rights and freedoms of citizens with regards to how their personal data is collected, stored, used, and retained.  However, the impact of GDPR reaches far beyond Europe.  The standards of protection apply to any organization that processes EU citizen data, regardless of geographical location.  As a result, companies around the globe will need to carefully evaluate their infrastructure and data handling processes to ensure compliance with GDPR.




Non-compliance will be costly…

Traditionally, Europe in general has had more stringent laws around how companies use and handle the personal data of its citizens.  But the new GDPR laws introduce a whole new standard of requirements.

Companies that breach GDPR will be liable to face fines that can range up to £20,000,000 (approx. $25,000,000) or 4% of the company’s global turnover.  Here’s the catch – the regulator will choose whichever amount is greater.  With so much at stake, enterprises simply cannot afford to violate GDPR (pun intended).

Key Points to Consider

  • Organizations must be able to regularly test security measures and provide proof of compliance
  • Organizations must give consideration to the “state of the art” when implementing security measures
  • Organizations must take a proactive approach to data protection and security
  • GDPR applies to all organizations that collect or maintain data from any of the 700 million EU citizens

How Can Zerto Help?

Zerto provides a state-of-the-art IT Resilience platform enabling business to ensure the protection, availability, and resilience of all systems and services.   In addition to industry-leading SLAs with RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes, Zerto helps organizations build a stable, unified, and flexible infrastructure that provides ongoing resilience against modern day threats to your business.

  • Zerto provides non-disruptive testing that can be carried out in minutes and during normal business hours without any impact to production
  • Zerto’s technology agnostic approach gives you the flexibility to consider the state of the art and chose the infrastructures that best suit your business needs
  • The Zerto IT Resilience Platform protects enterprises from both planned and unplanned downtime, providing proactive data protection
  • Zerto’s network of 350+ cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and IBM cloud, gives your business limitless choices as to the geographical location of your data

Curious to Learn More?

Every organization needs to begin its GDPR readiness journey somewhere, and we are here to help.  Read more about GDPR compliance with Zerto by downloading the datasheet below and reading our GDPR blog post!


GDPR Datasheet


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