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Datacenter Migration Challenges

Datacenter migrations are huge and incredibly complex projects, which require the coordinated effort across departments to minimize the effects of downtime. The availability of applications and resources must be carefully managed to minimize the impact to productivity and revenue generation. There are several factors that severely limit the pace at which migration projects can be completed: :

  • Current migration solutions lack integration with the modern datacenter, which often consist of disparate platforms for virtualization, storage, and cloud computing
  • The inability to test and validate a migration prior to committing to the move adds significant risk and can often result in missing data, VMs, and entire applications
  • Lack of resources and experience with datacenter moves can result in unexpected complications during the migration
  • Data and applications are unprotected during the move, adding significant risk should any complications arise
  • The majority of migrations exceed budget, exceed migration windows, and result in disruption

The Zerto Solution: Simple Datacenter Migrations

Zerto Virtual Replication solves all the challenges associated with workload mobility, delivering one product for a seamless datacenter migration experience. A combination of continuous data protection, non-disruptive testing, and support for heterogeneous environments makes Zerto Virtual Replication the only solution for migrating VMs, applications, or entire datacenters.

  • Continuous data protection delivers Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) of seconds with the migration data seconds behind production
  • Non-disruptive DR testing lets enterprises test migrations ahead of time to validate success and pinpoint issues of concern
  • Support for any storage platform, 350+ clouds, and both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments gives your business unhindered mobility
  • Pre-seeding your new target site accelerates time to completion for migration projects
  • Downtime is reduced from weeks to minutes when Zerto Virtual Replication is used for datacenter migrations
  • Move interdependent, multi-VM stack applications with complete consistency via advanced grouping mechanisms called Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs)

Data Migrations

With Zerto Virtual Replication, migrations become a near painless activity. Applications and entire datacenters can be migrated in a matter of minutes with minimal downtime, so business operations can proceed without interruption and revenue generating activities are not compromised. An easier migration means new hardware and software is in production faster and ROI is accelerated. Migrating data and applications takes just a few minutes with Zerto Virtual Replication, giving time back to the IT team to focus on projects that drive down costs and move the business the forward.

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