Automated Disaster Recovery Testing

Simplicity Through Automation

The ability to orchestrate and automate a disaster recovery plan as well as successfully test that plan on a frequent basis is a key requirement for any business.  However, the majority of organizations face significant risk factors such as:

  • The recovery process is reliant on the knowledge of individuals who may not be available when disruption occurs
  • Testing the failover and failback functionality is a time-consuming process, involving the coordinated effort across various IT teams outside of business hours or on weekends
  • Recovering data and applications is a manual effort, often taking hours or days to complete

Zerto Virtual Replication removes these pain points, offering a platform that enables orchestrated and automated recovery testing, carried out any time during business hours, with just four simple clicks.

Key Automation and Testing Features

  • Multi-VM grouping mechanisms that support application consistent recovery
  • Support for pre-and post-replication scripts to further automate the recovery process
  • On-the-fly VM conversion between VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Automatic IP-reconfiguration, MAC addressing, and boot-ordering
  • Seamless Failback to original source site with Reverse Protect feature
  • Support for Powershell and REST APIs for further customization

These features ensure that data and applications are recovered in a working state and in the fastest time possible.  Customer replication scripts can also be utilized to customize the recovery process and automate any additional configuration stops required.  Failback to the original source site is as seamless as the initial failover using the Reverse Protect feature

Compliance with Advanced DR Reporting

Zerto Virtual Replication includes failover test reporting to easily prove recovery capabilities for auditing and management purposes.  Reports can be generated for any failover test, customized with company logos, and scripted to run any time, any day.  The report documents the pass/fail of each step of the recovery process in a concise PDF printout.  Because ZVR makes disaster recovery testing so simple, IT teams can save countless hours and get precious time back to tackle projects that drive the business forward.

Not Just for Disaster Recovery

One of the most complex and resource-intensive projects is a datacenter migration.  The inability to test and validate a migration prior to committing to the move adds significant risk and can often result in missing data and applications.  With ZVR, companies can test migrations ahead of time in an isolated bubble network, giving complete confidence that the migration will complete quickly and successfully.  This, combined with on-the-fly VM conversion between hypervisor and cloud platforms, makes ZVR the industry standard product for datacenter consolidations and migrations.

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