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Many organizations want to leverage external cloud resources but lack the expertise to do so. Zerto has over 350 Managed Service Providers specializing in cloud and can help you with your journey to the cloud. Work with experts with years of experience on cloud deployments who can help you evaluate your environment and workloads to determine which cloud is the right fit for your business, often at prices comparable to public cloud for significant CAPEX savings.

Managed Service Providers by Zerto Alliance Program
Managed Cloud Providers (MSP) deliver a cost-effective solution to customers along with the expertise and counsel an IT organization values. With services from MSP’s, IT can transform large capital expenditures to low cost operational expense. Services from a MSP can range from eliminating the disaster recovery site, to providing temporary infrastructure for bursting, to eliminating the need for infrastructure with the cloud used for production and disaster recovery. These scenarios present fantastic opportunities to IT as they can get out of the management and maintenance of IT and focus on innovation to drive business strategies.

Managed Service Providers – Zerto Alliance Program
The Zerto Alliance Program includes over 350 Managed Service Providers that can deliver simple Infrastructure-as-a-Service as well as more complex offerings like disaster recovery-as-a-service. These organizations have experienced team members, so while your team may have just one person who has experienced a data center outage, managed service providers have a team where this is their only focus.

  • Leverage expertise: Managed Service Providers have lots of customers so they get more experience with IT issues on a daily basis and share this experience and expertise with you
  • Reduce Costs: Eliminate the need for a secondary site by leveraging the infrastructure of a MSP.
  • Replication to cloud: Many organizations are looking to leverage cloud in their IT strategies, a MSP can offer that along with the guidance you need to be successful.
  • Focus on innovation: With the managed service provider taking care of maintenance and upkeep of your infrastructure, the IT team can really shine and focus on innovations to drive valuable business strategies.
  • No application or data reconfiguration required: Installs seamlessly into existing infrastructure in minutes, regardless of hypervisor, cloud or storage.
  • Storage and hypervisor agnostic: Leverage any storage, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or Amazon Web Services seamlessly.

Zerto Virtual Replication empowers over 350 Managed Service Providers to deliver robust cloud services while providing expertise to guide you on your cloud journey. With the cloud provider managing and maintaining your environment, IT is able to focus on innovation and creative ways to support business initiatives.

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