BC/DR for Law Firms

BC/DR for law firms and the virtualized applications can be complicated to manage and even harder to protect. A typical law firm can have upwards of 20-30 different applications that each consist of multiple virtual machines used by all the different teams of fee earners and business units. Protect across the board using Zerto’s powerful, easy, and robust replication solution.

With so many applications to protect the task of managing BC/DR is a huge challenge facing law firms, here is just an example of some of the common legal applications requiring protection:

  •   Accounts and PMS applications like SAP, Elite, Aderant, Tikit and SOS
  •   DMS applications like iManage, OpenText and Sharepoint
  •   Case management applications like LexisNexis, LawSoft, OpenText, Casebook and MatterSphere
  •   Voice dictation applications like Bighand, WinScribe and DigiScribe
  •   CRM applications like Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, TikitConnect, Lawsoft and Interaction
  •   Cost recovery applications like Copitrak, nQueue Billback, Chrome River and Equitrak
  •   HR applications like Peoplesoft, Northgate, Cascade, Sage and SelectHR

With the sheer number of different and complex legal applications without a simple to use, enterprise-class BC/DR solution that can be operated anyone in just a few clicks; law firms can be exposed to significant risk of business downtime, data loss, customer confidence all while spending countless hours and days of IT staff time on trying to maintain different BC/DR solutions for multiple legal applications.

How Zerto Protects Legal Applications

By utilizing Zerto Virtual Replication Virtual Protection Group (VPG) technology the VMs that form each legal application are selected and placed into a VPG enabling consistent recovery of the legal application to the same point in time significantly reduces the complexity of protecting legal environments with no production changes required.

Zerto Virtual Replication enables continuous replication on a per-VM basis delivering RPOs of seconds required by legal environments to minimize data loss of potentially critical legal data. By not using snapshots for the replication there is no performance degradation in the protected VMs and applications ensuring fee earners and business units can continue to use applications at full performance with maximum data protection.

Journal based protection ensures recovery down to the second which enables protection against all types of disaster than can impact law firms and legal applications from hardware failures to database corruptions, faulty application upgrades, user errors or even system wide viruses.

In addition to recovery, Zerto includes an Offsite Backup feature to use the replicated data and use that data for long-term archival. Moving backup operations away from the production environment, means that daily backups, which slow down production environments, are eliminated.

Zerto Virtual Replication is completely integrated into the hypervisor allowing the simplicity of managing BC/DR on a per-VM and VPG basis. This significantly reduces the complexity and overheads on IT staff time by configuring and maintaining replication in one simple to use interface, rather than having to manage multiple systems and maintain multiple skillsets with other protection solutions.

No-impact failover testing allows verification of a successful failover of multiple legal applications in working hours in minutes, with no shutdown of the applications in production or break in the replication so the law firm can continue to function as normal during the testing. Failover testing also allows each business unit to manage and perform their own DR testing to validate the operation of one or multiple interdependent legal applications in a recovery scenario. This significantly reduces the burden of disaster recovery testing on IT staff as it is performed and accepted by the end users and application owners.


The simplicity of Zerto Virtual Replication and support for any storage, multiple hypervisors, hybrid and public cloud is a strategic advantage for any legal environment. By being software based and installable in minutes Zerto Virtual Replication also removes all of the complexity out of configuring BC/DR making it easy to scale out for migration and DR projects as a legal firms expand with takeovers and merger operations between disparate infrastructures.

With support for both VMware and Hyper-V, the same license can be used to protect VMs in the VMware environment today then used to migrate from VMware to Hyper-V and subsequently protect the VMs from Hyper-V to Hyper-V in the future. Using one software solution, one interface and one skillset all the potential requirements for BC/DR today and in the future can be realized making Zerto a strategic investment.

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