BC/DR for Financial Firms

Financial firms trust Zerto Virtual Replication for their mission critical applications including large, high transactional databases. Seconds of data loss and minutes of recovery time are critical features to keeping the business running effectively. Recover applications from the same point in time, down to the second, driving lower RTOs since the entire application stack is recovered in a working state.

As financial services and applications tend process highly valuable data and transactions the BC/DR requirements for their protection are typically:

  •   Minimal data loss with low Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)
  •   Minimal disruption and downtime with low Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)
  •   No performance degradation of production databases, applications and transactions
  •   Protection against disasters and logical failures
  •   Multi-VM consistency for large scale enterprise applications
  •   Application consistency

Data loss is often perceived as the most important requirement when protecting financial applications and data, but the common misconception is that only synchronous storage based solutions provide zero data loss. This is technically incorrect as the data running in the memory can always be lost in the event of a data center wide disruption and storage replication only enables a zero second RPO on disk writes. Only application consistency guarantees zero data loss to the point in time when data is quiesced making application consistent point in time recovery critical for financial data and applications.

How Zerto Protects Financial Applications

Zerto Virtual Replication continuously replicates only the changes in protected Virtual Machines (VMs) delivering Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) of just seconds to minimize data loss. With click to test and click to failover orchestration and automation downtime is also minimizing by delivering Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of just minutes.

Zerto Virtual Replication has no performance impact by not using snapshots to protect the data as the replication is continuous using journal based protection. This ensures that financial applications are protected against all types of disaster from data center outages to database corruptions or faulty application upgrades by enabling recovery thousands of points in time, seconds before the logical failure occurred, also minimizing data loss.

Zerto Virtual Replication utilizes Virtual Protection Group (VPG) technology to recover financial applications that consist of multiple VMs together to the same point in time ensuring a consistent recovery. Without a VPG the recovery of financial applications can be broken as each VM could be recovered to different points in time potentially referencing financial data that is not present in all of the applications and VMs recovered.

Zerto Offsite Backup is an additional feature of Zerto Virtual Replication that uses information that has already been replicated to the target site and leverages it for backup.Removing the backup operation away from the production environment reduces the strain on the production environment caused by frequent backup snapshots and other backup methodologies.

Finally, application consistency is supported in both Windows and Linux VMs utilizing a Zerto VSS agent for Windows and Microsoft SQL databases or scripts for Linux and Oracle databases to ensure that both crash and application consistent points in time are available for recovery operations. Application consistency can be scheduled on any frequency defined so the production impact can be minimized and managed allowing recovery to both crash and application consistent points in time.


Zerto Virtual Replication is used the world over to protect financial service environments and financial applications with industry-leading DR and Offsite Backup. Zerto works with organizations ranging in size from small businesses to large financial institutions processing hundreds of thousands of transactions per hour.

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