IT Infrastructure Modernization - Ease & Simplify the Process | Zerto

Modernizing Infrastructure

IT modernization is an important part of IT Resilience. Zerto helps you move workloads and data as you upgrade, refresh, consolidate, or integrate new data center infrastructure—even if you have complex and disparate technologies.

Got a Datacenter Project in the Works?

Learn how Zerto can simplify the reorganization of your infrastructure and get you on your way to IT resilience in no time.

Comprehensive Protection, Even as You Move Between or Across Technologies

Whether you’re moving workloads from old hardware to new hardware, from one hypervisor to another, or from on-premises to the cloud, migrations come with a handful of challenges. They’re complex, time consuming, and can cause several disruptions. They’re also a necessary part of modernizing your infrastructure.

Zerto makes infrastructure modernization fast and easy. Replication can take place in the background, while the built-in ability to failover, failback and regression test prior to cut over gives continuous protection.

Reduce the Complexity and Risk of Legacy Hardware

A software-only platform gives you application consistency and eliminates the need for applications to be offline when you refresh.

Multi-hypervisor Support and Storage Agnostic

Use any storage or hypervisor to maintain protection even as you move between or across technologies.

Move to Any Cloud

Move to and from any public cloud or cloud service providers. Whether it’s Azure, IBM Cloud, AWS or Zerto-enabled Cloud Service Providers.

Automated Testing

Ensure recoverability with no impact on your production environment.