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Service Area: United Kingdom & Ireland

Blue Chip

At Blue Chip, we enhance the profitability and productivity of our customers through the deployment and support of industry leading infrastructure solutions.


Block delivers secure and consistent access to information and people wherever you work.


AssureStor enables its partners to deliver leading cloud-based backup and disaster recovery platforms designed to increase the levels of IT resilience and combat these threats with zero upfront investment and zero commitment along with a track record of 100% customer satisfaction and recovery success.

Calligo Limited

The Calligo cloud offers the highest levels of data protection and privacy with residency guarantees.

PeaSoup Hosting Ltd.

PeaSoup is an award-winning cloud company providing cloud services, including backup and recovery, disaster recovery and infrastructure as a service, that are simple to implement and offer an unrivalled level of performance, from hyper-converged architecture and Tier 3 datacentres, reliability and stability and based on a leading-edge immersed IT infrastructure.

Access Group

We are one of the UK’s leading providers of software to the best and fastest growing mid-market businesses.  The Access Group Cloud offers high performance, resilient and cost-effective cloud hosting solutions along with BaaS and DRaaS.


Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. Cisco Disaster Recovery as a Service Solution (DRaaS) architecture is designed to provide a new set of related capabilities allowing Virtualized Multi-Tenant Data Center (VMDC)-based service providers […]

QStar Technologies

Founded in 1987, QStar Technologies is a leading global provider of enterprise-class archival and data management software. Thousands of customers from all industries trust QStar to reliably protect and manage valuable archived data, while still making it easily accessible when needed. QStar’s philosophy is to be operating system and storage hardware independent. This gives customers […]

Kramer & Crew GmbH & Co. KG

Kramer & Crew ist der IT-Regisseur der digitalen Transformation. In dieser Funktion übernehmen wir die verantwortliche Leitung komplexer IT-Inszenierungen. Dafür bieten wir ein komplettes Leistungsspektrum – von Beratung und Konzeption über Migration, Service und Betrieb bis zur Anwender-Schulung durch unsere zertifizierten Implementation-Manager.


Nexinto provides managed environments and services for IT-virtualization, digital workplaces, cyber-security, business intelligence and internet of things.

itiso GmbH

itiso is focussing on Data-Management since 2005! Business Continuity is a main focus of our Business. We offer tailored solutions and Professional-Consulting.

Enterprise Open Systems GmbH

Die Enterprise Open Systems GmbH ist der Spezialist für Disaster Recovery. Wir machen Katastrophenschutz für Rechenzentren. Mit unserer Erfahrung, unseren bewährten Strategien, Techniken und innovativen Produkten machen wir die IT-Infrastruktur und Rechenzentren unserer Kunden sicherer. In Deutschland und der ganzen Welt.