The Bald Truth | Zerto

The Bald Truth

Informative Whiteboard Videos on the Basics of IT Resilience. Watch our folically-challenged IT experts and learn all you need to know about the basic elements behind a resilient IT infrastructure.

Episode One: RTO/RPO (Recovery Time Objective/Recovery Point Objective)

Learn the basics about RTO/RPO and the major role they play in determining your level of acceptable downtime and data loss, while helping you design your IT resilience strategy.

Episode Two: Why Cloud?

Discover the three core principles of cloud computing and why for forward-thinking enterprises, it’s not a matter of why they should move critical data to the cloud, but rather when.

Episode Three: Digital Transformation

It’s a buzz word that’s all the buzz in IT infrastructure these days. See why successful enterprises should not only embrace Digital Transformation, but leverage it to their advantage.

Episode Four: Your Datacenter: DIY or MSP/CSP (Managed Service Provider/Cloud Service Provider)

When it comes to managing your datacenter, do you wish to be master of your domain, or let someone else drive? Learn the advantages of both, then you decide.