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Backup and Disaster Recovery for Kubernetes

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Zerto’s Vision for Next-Gen Applications

Zerto extends our enterprise-class VM and cloud platform to next generation applications. Next-gen, cloud-native applications typically include containerized, serverless PaaS, or SaaS technologies.

As more enterprises move to a DevOps model, the reliance on microservices – typically running in containers- requires continuous data protection a starting point. Zerto’s industry-leading journaling technology provides that protection for Kubernetes as the de facto container orchestration technology, whether running on-premises or in the cloud.

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With Zerto for Kubernetes, Zerto Charges Into the Future of Data Protection

The proven Zerto platform is expanding to containerized environments with Zerto for Kubernetes(Z4K). The State of Data Protection and Disaster Recovery, emphasizes the future’s outlook and considerations for Zerto’s place in it.

“Our platform has fundamentally changed the way companies protect and backup data across their organizations. With the clear shift towards containerized application development in the market, we are looking to extend our platform to offer these applications the same level of resilience we have delivered to VM-based applications”

Gil Levonai, CMO and SVP Product, Zerto

Zerto for Kubernetes: Data Protection as Code

The blistering pace at which businesses are adopting cloud-native architectures means new information is always coming to light.

Zerto for Kubernetes introduces a new approach for backup and disaster recovery with:

Zerto for Kubernetes Components

Continuous Data Protection

Always-on replication provides continuous protection for automated, non-disruptive recovery of persistent volumes within and between clusters, datacenters, or clouds.


Protect, move, and recover complex applications as one consistent entity, including all associated Kubernetes objects and metadata, such as ConfigMaps, StatefulSets, Services, and Deployments.

Simple Workflows

Simple, built-in workflows for any recovery and orchestration scenario designed to streamline operations.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Native support for your Kubernetes environments, no matter where they’re running: On-premises or in the cloud, use Zerto to protect to, from, and between the platform of your choice, with deep analytics across every multi-site and multi-cloud deployment.

Deep Analytics

Centralized view of your entire Kubernetes environment to monitor performance and protection.

APIs and Automation

Easy integration into existing automation tools used in Kubernetes clusters to simplify operations and protection for developers and DevOps engineers.

Data Protection as Code

Purpose-built for Kubernetes, Zerto integrates both backup and disaster recovery into the application deployment lifecycle from day one while enabling rapid development.

Why Zerto for Kubernetes

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Long-Term Retention for Kubernetes applications utilising persistant data, running on-premises or in the cloud.

Ensuring immunity from data loss and downtime for production applications.

Unifying DevOps and IT infrastructure teams to accelerate development of highly resilient Kubernetes applications.

Maximizing your Kubernetes investment and fully leverage all the benefits of containerized applications, including portability, flexibility, and agility.

Reducing complexity and cost of multiple point solutions by adopting a simple converged platform for data protection, disaster recovery, and mobility of VMs and containers across private, public, and hybrid cloud.

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As more enterprises bring containerized, cloud-native applications into production, they are faced with the challenge of meeting data protection service levels for their production applications and data. Register now to learn some of the key survey results and the design considerations that have shaped the “data protection as code” architecture for cloud native data protection.