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SQL Server Database Replication & Recovery

Protect your organization from data loss, reduced employee productivity and potential damage to your company’s brand

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Thousands of global organizations rely on Microsoft SQL Server’s robust database application to run their business. A disaster or logical failure that impacts the availability of Microsoft SQL Server can result in data loss, significantly reduced employee productivity and even damage a company’s brand and revenue. To mitigate these risks, it’s extremely important to have a robust disaster recovery and backup plan.

Protecting Microsoft SQL Servers Can be Challenging

Many factors make protecting Microsoft SQL databases challenging:

  • Transactions are written constantly with high rates of change.
  • Using traditional log shipping, application-based or storage-based replication technology for disaster recovery and backup translates into complex, manual and often redundant recovery processes.
  • Manual processes require skilled knowledge from individuals that could be at risk with limited resources.
  • Getting the right data to the recovery site is challenging if data is not compressed. It may saturate the WAN link, if the write-order fidelity is not maintained, resulting in inconsistency in the state of the database.
  • Many protection technologies don’t allow clear visibility of the protection status and management of SLAs.
  • Microsoft SQL databases usually form part of an enterprise’s multi-virtual machine (VM) application with potentially terabytes of associated data. This makes it difficult to ensure that the group of VMs that make up an entire application can be recovered consistently to the same point in time.

Eliminate Microsoft SQL server protection challenges with Zerto

By simply selecting the Virtual Machines (VMs) that host Microsoft SQL Server for protection, the Zerto IT Resilience Platform enables robust disaster recovery and backup with Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) of seconds, Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of minutes and advanced features for handling the protection of highly transactional databases. Because Zerto uses hypervisor-level based replication, no complex application integration is needed for Zerto to protect Microsoft SQL Servers, making it simple and scalable with the following features:

  • Hypervisor integrated simple centralized management with clear visibility on protection status, KPIs and SLAs
  • No configuration changes to SQL are required
  • RPOs of seconds with no snapshots and no performance impact
  • Point in time recovery in increments of every few seconds up to 30 days in the past, maintaining write-order fidelity on all SQL database writes removing the need for log shipping
  • No SQL knowledge required for failover or point in time recovery
  • SQL VSS writer integration for scheduling application consistent points in time
  • TempDB initial replication, without subsequent change, saving 50% of replication traffic
  • RTOs of minutes with boot ordering and automatic IP reconfiguration
  • Consistent multi-VM application recovery with Virtual Protection Group (VPG) technology
  • No-impact failover testing with no break in replication or shutdown in production
  • Failover test SQL with application servers in isolated bubble networks
  • No live VM running the recovery site reducing DR site overheads and complexity
  • Failover is user initiated removing potential for false positive failovers
  • Protect physical or Virtual Raw Device Mappings (RDMs) to virtual disks or pre-provisioned RDMs in the target site

See Zerto protection in action for Microsoft SQL

See how Zerto works to minimize the complexity to protect Microsoft SQL Server.

No Agents, No Snapshots

Because Zerto does not utilize snapshots or agents, it scales to thousands of VMs and never impacts production.

VM-level Consistency Grouping

Zerto’s innovative Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) allow you to replicate and recover multi-VM Microsoft SQL database applications as one cohesive unit to the exact same point in time.

Seamless database migration

Migrate Microsoft SQL Servers to any of Zerto’s supported platforms in minutes. Moving databases to the cloud has never been this easy.